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Diagnosis Delicious online free on Rainierland: Chef Dave Oberlin's (Ryan Rottman) career is in shambles when his altercation with a famous food critic goes viral. After being blacklisted by the elite restaurants, Dave is forced to take a teaching position at his friend's culinary arts school. When cardiologist, Dr. Nina Kirby (Maya Stojan), is up for a promotion at the local hospital the Head of Cardiology informs her if she gets Dave on board to teach the Healthy Living seminars she would be a shoo-in for the position. The only problem is Nina can't cook and she doesn't want to learn. With a little coaxing from her best friend and coworker, Olivia (Tanya Chisholm), Nina agrees to take Dave's class. When Nina presents Dave with the Healthy Living seminars he's disinterested in working with her due to her lack of class participation. In her effort to persuade him to get on board, Nina and Dave come across some unexpected common ground.Diagnosis Delicious full movie Rainierland.

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Title Diagnosis Delicious

Original title Diagnosis Delicious


Genres Family, Movies

Duration 87 min.

Status Released

Rating 7 of 1 votes

Writers N/A

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Maya StojanNina Kirby
Ryan RottmanDave Oberlin
Tanya ChisholmOlivia Ross
Kristen RentonHeather Cosworth-Wilson
Samuel Jones IIILuke
Bess ArmstrongLynn Cosworth
Jessica TuckBeverly Beckingham
Gigi RiceVivian Stevens
Nicole SteinwedellMaggie