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Fastball rainierland, Fastball rainierland movie, Fastball full Movie on Rainierland: Since 1912, baseball has been a game obsessed with statistics and speed. Thrown at upwards of 100 miles per hour, a fastball moves too quickly for human cognition and accelerates into the realm of intuition. Fastball is a look at how the game at its highest levels of achievement transcends logic and even skill, becoming the primal struggle for man to control the uncontrollable..Fastball online free, rainierland Fastball

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Title Fastball

Original title Fastball


Genres Documentary, Movies

Duration 87 min.

Status Released

Rating 3.8 of 2 votes

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Kevin CostnerNarrator
Hank AaronHimself
Nolan RyanHimself
Derek JeterHimself