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The Remaining rainierland, The Remaining rainierland movie, The Remaining full Movie on Rainierland: It’s the day the Earth exploded as trumpets blow and the wrath of God unleashes the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The first of a series of religious-slanted horror movies aimed at devout audiences, THE REMAINING is a surprisingly effective disaster shocker based on the Book of Revelations, produced by the makers of DONNIE DARKO and URBAN LEGEND. When a group of close-knit friends assemble for the marriage of Skylar and Dan, they have no idea they will witness The Rapture and face a series of catastrophic events turning the celebration into a life-or-death struggle. Scrambling for sanctuary and self-preservation while an army of nocturnal creatures they never knew existed unleashes epic destruction, they must understand what is happening around them, and why, to find a way to survive together in a new world order. Witness the birth of a new genre: horror containing spiritually rich content with faith-based appeal..The Remaining online free, rainierland The Remaining

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Title The Remaining

Original title The Remaining


Genres Horror, Movies, Thriller

Duration 88 min.

Status Released

Rating 4.2 of 52 votes

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Director ,

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Alexa PenaVegaSkylar
Johnny PacarTommy
Shaun SiposJack
Bryan DechartDan
Italia RicciAllison
Liz E. MorganSam
John Pyper-FergusonPastor Shay
Kim PachecoNurse Rachel
Hayley LovittSouthern Belle