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The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 2 rainierland, Back in court to tackle his first case after suspension, Will is determined to reject a low settlement offer when he represents the family of a young man who died during a protest march. Trustee Clark Hayden has begun making brutal staff and budget cuts. When Diane asks Alicia to speak to financier Maddie Hayward about re-structuring the lease on the company's office building, there are unexpected benefits for Peter's campaign. Kalinda struggles to focus on her work thanks to the reappearance of her estranged husband Nick....

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The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 3
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Season: 4 Episode: 3

Diffuse: 2012-10-14

Alicia and Will represent an internet start-up company in a case against a search engine that is accused of manipulating its search results in favour ...

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